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Where did everything go? You may have noticed that many of your favorite items are showing out of stock. It is Moving Day for the Kindermusik International Distribution Center! A lot of our items are in transit from one location to the other but you will see items become available over the next several days. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Kindermusik educators, please remember to check the inventory planner for items guaranteed to be in stock.
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    Instrument play strikes a chord with children of all abilities! Our instruments for children are age-appropriate, safety tested to the most rigorous international standards, and research-proven to accelerate learning. Shop!

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    Kindermusik International serves families around the world AND we produce music from around the world. Our music opens new doorways into cultures, customs, and languages. Shop!

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    Kindermusik International has been a leader in sensory learning curriculum and musical products for over 35 years. Find more here! Shop!