TunedIn: Foundations (Single) with English & Spanish Instruction SKU: 5-30-00840

SKU: 5-30-00840

Babies will babble, bop, and bounce while enjoying this bundle of music, movement, and early literacy activities! The TunedIn: Foundations bag gives educators, including home visitors, the tools needed for meaningful and musical one-on-one interactions with their littlest learners. Included along with access to Kindermusik songs (which can be either streamed or downloaded) are three board books, a selection of the highest-quality Kindermusik instruments and sensory baby products, and 20 ten-minute multisensory activities designed to stimulate every area of baby’s development, facilitate bonding, and launch a lifelong love of music.

TunedIn also addresses the need to help parents become effective teachers of their young children. Special activities centered around the Kindermusik songs for parent-child interactions take full advantage of objects commonly found in homes.

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