Kindermusik presents...Musical Storytime SKU: 13-03-04004

SKU: 13-03-04004

This three-book set of Big Books offers just the right literary musical experience for preschoolers. Charming stories, streaming music easily accessed from our website, and helpful teaching tips found right on the back covers of the books work perfectly together to help you boost children’s early literacy skills and musical awareness. Over the course of four lessons designed specifically for each of the titles, children have opportunities to sing, play instruments, and move. They match print to beautiful illustrations and see musical scores for the songs they learn. Plus, musical “hello” and “goodbye” rituals add to the seamless continuity built into the experience.

Can You Find Me? presents a backyard game of hide-and-seek as a young boy and girl explore animal habitats and learn all the different ways a tree can be a home. The accompanying “My Tree House” song reinforces the acquisition of the many vocabulary words introduced in the story.

Michael Finnigan tells the hilarious yet woeful tale of a man who just can’t seem to catch a break! Michael Finnigan’s hilarious mishaps have children begging for more silly rhymes, while the playful illustrations and rollicking tune lead listeners to quickly chime in with the repeated phrase, “Begin again!”

Zoo Train and the charming “Allee-Allee O” song that goes with it take children on a train ride through an amazing zoo. No one can resist the opportunity to visit wild animals like lions, polar bears, and elephants, while also getting to enjoy ponies, chicks, and sheep in a petting zoo. Children move like the animals they see, and they march, bounce, glide, and sway with the children on the big, long train.

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