Kindermusik Presents: The Case for Music For You and Your Toddler SKU: 0-09-04001

SKU: 0-09-04001

Kindermusik presents…The Case for Music (For You and Your Toddler)! Here is the perfect opportunity for your family to make music a natural part of your daily routines. Research shows that shared musical experiences can be as important as reading aloud to prepare young children for school learning. The Case for Music makes that easy!

Magnets (for adult use only) designed for display on refrigerator doors suggest daily routines with songs…and the 9 songs are provided for streaming or downloading. A double egg shaker, a mini tambourine, and a pair of zig zag blocks (all safe for children 12 months and older) make the learning more powerful…and more fun! Routines for waking up, taking a fun break, mealtime, dancing, getting the wiggles out, traveling around, and getting ready to rest are suggested.

$30.99 USD