Kindermusik Dulcimer SKU: 5-30-00643

SKU: 5-30-00643

This two-stringed, easy-to-play version of the Appalachian folk instrument makes a special addition to any instrument collection.  Each Honduran mahogany and longleaf cedar fretboard is crafted by hand in the Muebleria Libertad woodworking shop in the small Nicaraguan town of Niquinohomo, and attaches to a cardboard body that can be decorated by your child. Also included: storage bag, note sticker sheet, 4” wooden noter, pick, and assembly instructions. For ages 5+.

"Our employees are proud of their work for Kindermusik and are especially pleased to be part of a team that is spreading music around the world!" - William Smith III, founder of Muebleria Libertad

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Care & Cleaning

Like most stringed instruments, you need not “clean” these except to remove dust from the fretboard. To do this, use a dry dust free cloth and wipe the fretboard down, carefully around the frets, as the edges can grab onto the cloth. Avoid the machine head area as the string ends can be quite sharp and the cloth can get twisted into the machine head assembly. No water or moisture at all should be used as the fretboard can be ruined by moisture.