Kindermusik presents: Sailing to Dreamland, CD SKU: 10-01-00026

SKU: 10-01-00026

This album of soothing lullabies will transform any environment into a calm, restful sanctuary. Instrumental arrangements performed by a small grouping of musicians offer slow and flowing melodies to calm and soothe. Smooth transitions provide a perfect backdrop for relaxing. A Kindermusik exclusive.

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Track List:

  1. Simple Gifts
  2. Gavotte in G (Bach)
  3. Golden Slumbers
  4. Suo Gan
  5. All Through the Night
  6. Barcarolle
  7. Skye Boat Song
  8. My Little Boat
  9. Bubbles and Waves
  10. Bourree (Bach)
  11. Brahms' Lullaby
  12. The Water is Wide
  13. Ring Around the Rosey

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