Wheels Go 'Round, CD SKU: 3-10-90040

SKU: 3-10-90040

Gear up to chug, race, and beep your way through this collection of vehicle-themed songs. "Whish!" like a windshield wiper, bump up and down along the road, and climb into a variety of modes of transportation. Each song draws out the fun of musical pretend play. You'll find familiar songs and new favorites to keep everyone moving, all while learning how to listen and follow direction.

For even MORE music (or to listen to sample tunes from this CD), visit play.kindermusik.com.

Track List:

  1. Wheels on the Bus
  2. Windshield Wiper Dance
  3. Little Red Caboose
  4. Go Car Go
  5. In the City
  6. My Bike
  7. Let’s Go Riding Together
  8. A Ferris Wheel
  9. The Little Car Is Going on a Trip
  10. Train Is a-Comin’
  11. Little Red Wagon
  12. Going, Going, Going, Gone
  13. She’ll Be Racing ‘Cross the Country
  14. We’re Noisy!

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