Level 2 Classroom Curriculum Set for Preschoolers with SPANISH Home Materials SKU: 13-00-00233

SKU: 13-00-00233

Up to 20 students/9 months


Level 2 is for children ages 24-36 months.

Kindermusik's Level 2 Classroom Solution comes with everything a teacher needs to easily and quickly incorporate music time into your program. Whether via CD, Download or Streaming, all you need to do is "press play". Each unit develops and scaffolds concepts using high quality, child-friendly instruments, research based musical activities, language building visuals, musical storytime, and more! Family engagement is a key part of the program. Children receive take-home packs for each month of the program, which contain a an album, activity booklet, and other resources. Every set comes with robust Teacher Guides and on-line training, including supports for English Language Learners, and Special Needs. Designed with flexibility enough to be used successfully by educators with little or no musical background, as well as experienced music teachers.

INCLUDES: Three Teacher Binders, with detailed EZ Guides, Music CD's, Visual Cards, Big Books, teacher demonstration instruments, student instruments and 20 home materials for each of the following 9 units:

Rhyme Around Town
Marvelous Me
How Do You Feel?
Silly All Over
Family and Friends
Up in the Sky
Time for Lunch
Down on the Ground

Instruments/Accessories: The 20 student set has 21 of each instrument/accessory listed below:

Zig zag blocks
Egg shakers
Rhythm sticks
Bell jingle

Baskets (5) and mesh bag (1) included for storing instruments.
*Instrument Colors May Vary

Teacher Demonstration Instruments/Accessories: Guiro Shaker, Drum, Slide Whistle, Triangle, Woodblock with mallet, and Beach Ball.

Family engagement Materials: Every child and their family receive materials to keep each month! There are 20 packs per unit, which include monthly:
CD of favorite classroom songs
Picture book
Learning games and activities to do at home
Instruments to keep - a total of 5 instruments for each child

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