Digital Rituals Pack SKU: 15-00-41040

SKU: 15-00-41040

Transitions (in the home or classroom) can be tricky for most young children. Our downloadable and printable Kindermusik Rituals Pack provides actionable ideas to combine the power of music and daily routines to help calm spirits and refocus energy. 

Each pack (25 pages total) is divided into three distinct categories—Connection, Transition & Task, and Relaxation Rituals—and contains easy, flexible, step-by-step guides with lyrics, various activity suggestions, developmental benefits, and more. Print them out and fasten the deck together on a ring, post individual pages near each ritual location (like the classroom door or bathroom sink), or keep them in a shareable binder. Plus, you'll receive a free Kindermusik Rituals album to download on your device of choice! Wherever you are, these handy guides with complementary music will help you and the children you serve move smoothly through the day.

NOTE: A PDF containing the Kindermusik Rituals and the separate downloadable music album will be delivered via email upon purchase. 

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